Welcome one and all to my photography blog. I thought I would share my journey from clueless happy snapper to professional photographer with you all. Well you have to live the dream right? Designed to keep me on track, motivated and hopefully be of some interest. I have never kept a diary or journal so this introspection and catalogue of one's thoughts is all new to me, so please bear with me - thanks for visiting!

Kelly :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

And baby makes three


Well, so much has happened since my last blog -perhaps I should offer up more than an annual scribble..
The major change in my life is my baby daughter who was born in April and is providing me with some amazing moments some of which I have been capturing in a series of photoshoots! 
Here are a few for you;


Another new addition to the family is our gorgeous ginger cat. Here are a few images from his kitten days and more recently;

The Photography Institute

In other news, I have completed the course and received my Professional Photography Diploma. Very pleased as I worked hard both on the theory and on the images. Here are a selection from the modules;

And finally here is a sneak peek at my latest project. I took some self portraits whilst I was heavily pregnant in yoga poses and am attempting to photoshop these in a creative manner. My first real crack at using photoshop for creative purposes rather than just editing. Special thanks to my hubby Paul for his patience in trying to help me with the technical bits! See what you think, I hope to do another three for this series of images. However finding the time with a young baby is challenging to say the least but I would like to finish them;